Starting a Regular Workout Routine is Difficult

Starting a regular workout routine is difficult. I find it easier to exercise in a regularly scheduled class than on my own but the thought of being in a class full of fit and trim people all pumped up and in shape is daunting. Here are a couple of my tips for dealing with this. While there may be plenty of beginner classes full of people just as exercised challenged as you at one of the bigger health clubs, you might have more luck looking for a class at a local YMCA or a neighborhood community/continuing education center. Get the name of the instructor and ask to speak with him/her before the classes start. Explain your situation – that you’ve recently begun a new life, a new journey to health and fitness. Discuss your fears, your concerns, and your exact condition. You’ll be surprised just how responsive a good fitness instructor is to your specific needs. They’ll recommend the proper class for your level. If it would be less embarrassing for you, ask them to give you exercise alternatives in private conversation and not in front of everyone during class. Make your instructor your ally. As long as you’re not trying to get a private lesson, or free individual training sessions from them, they should be happy to help you ease comfortably into a new life of regular workouts and exercise.


Tell me about your efforts at starting a new life of regular exercise… what has and hasn’t worked for you. Share your thoughts with the rest of us.

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