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Four speaking dates have been added:

January 23, 2016  8:00am – 9:00am   “Simple… not Easy”
Bill Streetman will be speaking at the AORN and PACU annual conference.  Held at The Ohio State University – Wasserstrom Auditorium, James Cancer Hospital & Solove Research Institute, 460 W.10th Ave, Columbus, Ohio 43210.

April 11, 2016  6:30pm – 7:30pm   “Lifestyle Lessons towards Better Health”
Making a lifestyle change is difficult, especially as we age and the gap between our existing lifestyle and our desired lifestyle widens. It’s never too late to make a change.  Learn how resident Bill Streetman (age 60) tells his story of losing 200+ pounds and developing a healthy lifestyle, which recently included peddling his bicycle over 500 miles across the Appalachian Mountains.  Bill will outline the strategies he employed to increase his chances of success, and shares lessons learned from his journey.  Held at the Westerville Recreation Center: 350 N Cleveland Ave, Westerville, OH 43082.

May 2, 2016  6:30pm – 7:30pm    “Biking Cross Country – Lessons learned”
Ever wonder what happens on a bicycle ride across the Appalachian Mountains from Columbus to North Carolina?   Resident Bill Streetman (age 60) tells the story of his recent adventure and details his preparation and planning as well as his training and nutritional needs. He will describe the many challenges and experiences he faced and will share what he learned along the way.  Held at the Westerville Recreation Center: 350 N Cleveland Ave, Westerville, OH 43082.

May 14th, 2016  3pm – 4pm
Bill Streetman will be a member of the panel discussion “For Men Only” at the 2016 WLSFA conference in Nashville, TN.  Details are here: and here:

9) Was a guest on the YouTube show The Naked Truth on Dec 27, 2015, discussing my weight loss journey and experience.  See the video recording of the broadcast here:

8) Presented “Simple… not Easy” at OH2015 October 16th, 2015 in Cary, North Carolina.  Video is available on YouTube at:

7) Read the nationwide Reuters Press (Reuters) release about my bike ride from Westerville, Ohio to Raleigh, North Carolina.  Click Here.

6) The Westerville Parks and Recreation blog – ‘A City Within A Park’ has written and published an article about my weight loss journey at:  The Community Center has been instrumental in the success of my journey. 

5) Westerville Magazine, with a circulation of approximately 50,000, has written an article about my weight loss journey and published it in their January/February issue.  Read it here:

4) WebMD magazine, with a circulation of over 8 million, including most doctor offices and medical centers, has written and published a story about my weight loss journey in their January/February issue.  Read it here:

3) On January 13th I spoke to the Central Ohio Association of Operating Room Nurses (AORN) at their monthly meeting about gastric bypass surgery and weight loss.  The meeting was held at the Children’s Hospital – Westerville Surgery Center in the evening. A brief video clip can be viewed at:

2) Read my Guest Author articles published in 1) Tai Chi After Gastric Bypass, 2) Identifying Nutritional Needs, 3) Victories

1) Read the news article written about my weight loss journey by MyBariatricLife for the website HealthCentral.  This interview is a review of the four tactics I developed to combat what I felt would be the four biggest barriers I would have to overcome in order to:

  • successfully lose weight and maintain that weight loss
  • implement a regular exercise regimen that would include strength and aerobic training
  • practice healthy eating and living habits to promote general wellness

Here are links to the two-part news series:

  1. Page 1 HealthCentral Article
  2. Page 2 HealthCentral Article






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